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Walnut Hill Kennel Scottsville KY |


Walnut Hill Kennel Scottsville KY  
38 Hogan West Lane  

   Here at Walnut Hill Kennel we have been breeding and raising pups for 32 yrs. We have had a lot of beautiful pups born here we have several different breeds at affordable prices. When you get a pup from Walnut Hill Kennel you get a health guarantee and puppy pack. All of our pups make wonderful pets. If you are planning to add a pup to your family  then you need to check out our prices and the quality of our pups.Click on the pictures and it will make them larger for you to see them better.We was invited to be members of the BBB but the way I look at it is if you treat people right and fair you don't need the BBB short for Better Bussiness Bureau. Here at Walnut Hill Kennel the pups are raised here we are not a broker we do not buy to resell.

Here at Walnut Hill Kennel you can see the parents to the pup that you are getting. Check us out first.
We can take $100.00 deposit on the telephone now but when you come to pick up the pup I will only accept cash The deposit is non-refundable.This means if you put up a deposit I hold the pup of your choice and if you change your mind then you lose your deposit but if I can not produce you with that pup or one of your choice then I give you back your money.I thought I would explain this  in detail cause some people don't seem to understand.That's why you pay  a deposit other wise I could just give you the pup I wanted you to have.

The Price of each pup is $450.00 cash the deposit is $100.00 cash or if I use the square there is a fee of  $4.00 added because that is what the square  charges me I only use the square on the deposit.


Are Stud service is the Price of a pup we do not accept a pup for stud service.


We accept Cash only.We do not accept Checks.We do not ship our pups.We have down sized a lot. We will  be raising Yorkies,Pomeranian, Shih Tzu,Shorkies, Schnorkies and Miniature Schnauzers.

Call 270-622-1690 for more information.    Thanks to all of my Customers past and future.

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